Updated 09:56 AM EDT, Sun, Sep 20, 2020

Naya Rivera the Next 'The View' Host? Rosie Perez Leaving Show? [Rumors]

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"The View" co-host Rosie Perez is reportedly leaving the show, only four months after joining Rosie O'Donnell and Nicolle Wallace, and if rumors are to be believed, there's already a replacement in mind, 2 Paragraphs noted.

Variety exclusively reported that Perez took a leave from the show in January to appear in the Broadway play "Fish in the Dark", but it was claimed that she won't be back in "The View" after that. 

Perez was reportedly handpicked at the last minute to join O'Donnell and Wallace by the show's executive producer Bill Wolff, a choice which surprised a lot of critics, given the other possible picks the producer could have made.

It seemed like Perez never really got the hang of the show though, as insiders told Variety that she had trouble with the show's format of mixing both hard and soft news and even had trouble reading off a teleprompter.

As Perez is allegedly set to exit the show, the rumor mill is already looking at potential replacements, and some are looking at "Glee" alum Naya Rivera. The actress appeared on the show the same day news broke out about Perez's exit, according to 2Paragraph.

It all seems to be a bit too coincidental, especially as the writers of Variety stated that ABC has been observing other younger co-hosts that could take over Perez's slot.

Rivera recently found herself in big trouble on "The View" though, over a comment she made regarding "white people" showering more than "ethnics". She has since apologized for her statements.

"It was supposed to be a joke, but I apologize if anyone was offended," she clarified.

If she were to become a host on "The View", one could only imagine what the audience's reception of her will be.

Another name being thrown around for the co-host chair is standup comedian and actor Mario Cantone, according to Entertainment Wise.

ABC's statement

ABC and producers of the "The View" have denied the rumors about Perez, saying, "Her status with the show has not changed," according to Variety.

The show is known for its history of creating "on set turmoil" to attract attention, so maybe the rumors are just another way to attract attention, according to Jezebel. But who knows, producers may have decided that Perez was not a good fit or maybe she herself decided to quit the show. The rumor mill will probably only cease when if and when Perez gets back on the show.

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