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'Kingdom Hearts 3' Release Date News: Xbox One, PS4 & PC Game Out 2015? Square Enix Reveals the Truth!

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Fan and gamers are still awaiting news on Square Enix's "Kingdom Hearts 3," and after initial reports of a 2015 release, the video game company has stepped up to clear all the rumors, Cross Map reported.

The rumors started after Bill Farmer, who voices Goofy in the franchise, announced on his Twitter page that the highly-anticipated "Kingdom Hearts 3" is going to be launched sometime this year. The voice actor even shared that recording is still ongoing, but as production has been ongoing for years, there is a chance the game is ready to be released.

The tweets from Farmer have since been deleted. However, "Kingdom Hearts" fansite KH13 managed to take a few screenshots of Farmer's various replies where he stated that he was simply telling people what he knew, that the game was coming out this year.

Square Enix was quick to clear the rumors, sending out a tweet on Jan. 8 that said, "There was a Goof! The release date for @KINGDOMHEARTS III remains unannounced."

Farmer also retracted his earlier tweets, and wrote that the release date has not been announced.

The statements don't completely turn down the idea of a "Kingdom Hearts 3" release this year, but it also doesn't say much about the status of the game.

Release dates aside, Square Enix really has been keeping silent on what's really happening with the game. It was first announced during the E3 2013 at the Sony PlayStation Press Conference and a reveal trailer was even shown. Aside from that, the news that has been circulating seems to be nothing but speculations, according to Latin Times.

One such rumor that popped up was that there would be different transformations of the Keyblade weapon, according to a supposed gameplay reveal of "Kingdom Hearts 3" in California. However, Square Enix has yet to confirm or deny the news.

If the release date rumor is true, then good news awaits fans of the game, especially after Director Tetsuya Nomura stated that Square Enix will be focusing more on "Final Fantasy XV" before "Kingdom Hearts 3," according to Hardcore Gamer. However, with the news all cleared up, it seems that fans really have no choice but to wait for more news.

Then again, gamers and fans can hopefully look forward to a "Kingdom Hearts" release before the year ends. The writers from Hardcore Gamer feel there is a possibility that Square Enix will release the "Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance" HD remake for the PlayStation 3. The original game was already released in 2012, and the game was even hinted at in the credits of "Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix," so a release seems possible, maybe even by fall this year, the report added.

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