Updated 05:40 AM EDT, Sun, Sep 20, 2020

Netflix Releases Trailer For 'House of Cards' Season 3

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Netflix released the first official trailer for season three of its political drama series "House of Cards," News.com.au reported.

Hot on the heels of Kevin Spacey's Golden Globes win as Best Actor in a Television Series Drama, Netflix decided to bring more good news to "House of Cards" fans by treating them to the first trailer of its upcoming season.

In the trailer, fans and viewers were given a glimpse of Spacey and Robin Wright as Francis and Claire Underwood finally at the top as the President and First Lady of the United States of America. However, the couple, powerful as they may be, seems to be having more problems.

The teaser didn't give away much in terms of plot, but it did show all the twists, turns and anxieties of the new season, Rolling Stone reported.

The teaser showed a foreign leader hesitantly shaking Frank's hand during a photo op, a military funeral taking place and protestors gathering together.

Frank was also seen saying, "You want to know what takes real courage? Holding it all together when the stakes are this high."

Not only that, but tension mounted between the couple as Claire was shown looking grief-stricken not once but several times. At one point, Claire and Francis were shown together during a political function, only to face off against one another as Claire told Francis that they were murderers, to which Francis simply replied "We're survivors."

Backstage during the Golden Globes, Spacey also teased fans about what to expect from the series, during an interview with Barkley.

Spacey hinted that they were definitely not pulling any punches. He said, "I can tell you exclusively that there will be scenes and dialogue, movement, surprises, some of it taking place in the White House, some of it taking place elsewhere and there will be shocks and surprises, pulls and turns."

The actor also mentioned how he enjoys working with Netflix. "We have absolute freedom of expression, and it is a glorious thing," he was quoted as saying. 

Hopefully some of those shocks and turns will resolve some of the issues left over from the second season, such as Doug's death and Rachel's disappearance, and show the viewers the fate of Cathy Durant, Jackie Sharp, Janine Skorksy and Tom Hammerschmidt, according to Independent.

"House of Cards" and all 13 episodes of its third season will be available for streaming on Netflix beginning Feb. 27.

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