Updated 03:27 PM EST, Sun, Jan 24, 2021

Jon Jones News: UFC Fighter Leaves Drug Rehab Facility

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Questions about Jon Jones' sobriety started shooting up again when his mother, Camille Jones, revealed, in an interview with WBNG-TV Action Sports, that Jones only stayed overnight at a drug treatment center where he voluntarily submitted himself after he tested positive for benzoylecgonine, the main metabolite in cocaine, last month, prior to his win against Daniel Cormier at UFC 182.

Yahoo Sports noted that if this was really the case, his admission in the facility looked more like a "a publicity stunt and/or an effort at damage control."

Camille also told Travis Eldridge of WBNG-TV that Jones will already be present at the AFC championship game on Sunday in Massachusetts to support his brothers.

"I'm glad that this happened to Jon, this stopped him in his tracks, this let him know that he may need to change some friends, you know, because everyone is not for you for the best," Jones' mother was quoted by Yahoo Sports as saying.

"Me and my husband considered [the positive test] a blessing from God that our child was able to be helped and know that he need to stop and know that he needed the assistance to stop before it came to something worse," she explained, as reported on Sports World News.

Camille also defended her son, saying that the night before he was tested, he went out with friends and "did something which he should not have done."

"My first question was, do you have a problem, a serious problem? And then he told me what happened. Jon is usually very honest with me, so he told me what happened. I was like, good for you ... good. You needed to be caught, it was just timing," Jones' mother added as quoted by Sports World News.

MMA Fighting, on the other hand, said that despite being out of rehab, Jon is "continuing to get more educated on the subject," like an "outpatient."

"All he needed was a single night of sober introspection. This is the most publicized one-night stand so far in 2015," MMA Fighting added, noting that if Jones is really experiencing drug troubles, he would still be inside the facility.

This was supported by the Yahoo Sports article which reported that though every person is treated differently, Jones' case still "defies logic that anyone with an abuse problem could be successfully treated as an in-patient in one day."

An article at Rehabs.com noted that there is really no specified period for a patient's recovery but that usually, some may need a 30-day or 90-day program to fully recover.

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