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'Frozen 2' Release Date, Trailer & Cast: 3 Most Surprising Plot Rumors So Far

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Fans just won't let it go.

This year, we're bound to see "Frozen Fever," a short feature film derived from the franchise, scheduled to show alongside Cinderella's live-action movie.

As told by iDigitalTimes, "Frozen Fever" hits theaters on Mar. 13, 2015. As this has been confirmed, fans are two months away from getting another glimpse of Arendelle.

"Frozen" came out in 2013, chronicling the story of sisters Elsa and Anna. Guinness World Records confirmed last April that the film has edged past "Toy Story 3" in becoming the highest box office gross for animation. Regardless of genre, "Frozen" became the 10th biggest grossing film in box office history.

Needless to say, the franchise was loved by many, eventually building much anticipation for a sequel. Hence, we've collected three of the most surprising "Frozen 2" speculations conceived by rumor mills. Check them out below!

1. Another Sister

The idea was brought by The Deseret News National. The outlet wondered: What if another character pops into the scene. Mind you -- it's no ordinary character, but Elsa and Anna's sister.

If she's another princess, then most certainly, she'll be taking a major role. If she's older than Elsa, could she be queen too?

It's also interesting to think how a new princess can affect the existing protagonists' romantic affairs. We all know that Anna's fine with Kristoff, while Elsa seems to be getting accustomed in controlling her powers.

2. Darker Storyline

In December, Realty Today took note of reports, which claimed that the upcoming sequel is set to offer a darker tone. Reportedly, the plot will be based on the original "Snow Queen" by Hans Christian Andersen.

As implied in the outlet's report, the Snow Queen is an evil character who kept a boy named Kai her captive. She appears to take advantage of her powers in meeting the end she desires.

Based on the 2013 film, no other "Snow Queen" seems to be out there other than Elsa. Her constant struggle of controlling her icy powers has been clearly depicted, although she may have mastered them at the end of it.

3. A Stronger Storm

Another interesting plot cited by The Deseret News National is a "more powerful storm." Yes, this has happened in the first movie, but who says it can't happen again? Considering Elsa's seemingly unstable powers, it may be too early to conclude that certain things won't be happening the second time around.

The original film's winter spell has helped the characters develop, by granting them time to explore other settings amidst the responsibility of ruling the kingdom.

No official word has come from Disney regarding the sequel. However, Idina Menzel has dropped that it's already "in the works," Variety reported in November.

What would you like to see in "Frozen 2?"

See this fan made trailer of the sequel (via The Hottest Movie Trailers) below.

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