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Marcos Maidana Next Fight 2015: 'Chino' Eyeing Pacquiao Match?

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After losing twice last year against Floyd Mayweather Jr., Marcos Maidana is now hoping to fight with Filipino boxing champion Manny Pacquiao.

Maidana's trainer, Robert Garcia, said in a report by Philippine local news network ABS-CBN that Pacquiao is an "ideal opponent" for the Argentine boxer both "stylistically and financially."

"If we had the opportunity to choose the next opponent [of Maidana], I would say Pacquiao," Garcia was quoted by ABS-CBN as saying.

He, however, claimed that their camp still need to work out a few issues before the fight between the two can happen.

"But there are many things in the middle that would hinder that -- such as promoters, manager, television networks, and perhaps that's why we can't do too much -- but that's the fight I'd like for Chino," the trainer added.

Since Pacquiao is still seriously engrossed on working out a fight against Mayweather, Garcia said they still have a lot of other options aside from the Filipino champ.

"There are other names, such as Amir Khan, Kell Brook... there are interesting fights, like Danny Garcia if he wants to climb to welterweight, the rematch with Adrien Broner... so there are options. So let's see what happens," Garcia said.

A similar Sports World News report also said that it would really be unlikely to seal a fight with Pacquiao since he is still "in the midst of talks to face Mayweather and if those fall short there are some high-profile fighters at 140 pounds Pacquiao can face."

Aside from Maidana, Realty Today reported that British boxer Khan also wants to have a showdown with Pacquiao, a former sparring partner when he was still training with Freddie Roach.

For the past year, Khan has made it very public that he really wants to fight Mayweather but some uncalled for circumstances hindered the bout from happening. It was also noted by Realty Today that since Khan has not received any word from the American fighter's camp, he now wants to have a duel with Pacquiao.

"Who wants to see khan vs Pacquiao because I know Mayweather's running," the British boxer posted on his Twitter page.

Known for his victories against Luiz Collazo and Devon Alexander last year, Khan is said to be a good match for Pacquiao as Realty Today noted that the 28-year-old challenger hopes the Filipino boxer will agree to fight him in England.

"I have proven myself at top level and want the big fights. I would love to fight at Wembley Stadium. I believe Manny Pacquiao would come to England and fight me here - that would be good," Khan said.

Despite their desire to fight Pacquiao, these two fighters may have to reserve their energy first as Pacquiao seems to be very busy ironing out plans for his fight against Mayweather, which is believed to happen in May.

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