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Chicharito Hernandez Transfer News & Rumors: No Real Madrid, Manchester United Next Season?

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Chicharito is not getting the exposure he had hoped for when he agreed to a season-long loan at the Bernabeu.

But is there hope back in England? Maybe, just not with his current team.

"It appears ever more likely that Javier 'Chicharito' Hernandez will be playing away from both Real Madrid and Manchester United next season," reported the International Business Times, adding that Arsenal and two other teams are likely to take him in.

Whether or not Radamel Falcao finds his way out of United permanently, Louis van Gaal will put Hernandez, who had a £6-million signing from Chivas de Guadalajara in the summer of 2010, back on the market, said the Telegraph, dispelling the idea that the latter's future hangs on Falcao's.

Hernandez was allowed to fly to Spain because Falcao arrived at Old Trafford in September 2014, the report noted. Even if Falcao, who scored a measly three goals in 13 appearances, goes away for £43.2 million through a deal with Monaco, the 26-year-old forward might still be sold.

"United have no plans for Hernandez to run down his contract and efforts will be made to find a buyer for a player who has been unable to reproduce the form that saw him score 20 goals in 45 games during his debut campaign at the club in 2010-11," said Telegraph. 

He still had that skill the following season, successfully reaching the double figures in Premier League goals, thus Old Trafford tied him to a contract that expires in 2016, said the International Business Times. However, it went downhill from there, largely because of the arrival of Robin van Persie.

In Spain, Hernandez was able to start only once, and this, the Bleacher Report wrote, is one proof that the dream of playing in Europe is tough for Mexican booters.

"Others ... are getting there little by little, such as Hector Herrera and Carlos Vela... But the situation is far more complicated for players like Chicharito or Guillermo Ochoa, who ... are still benchwarmers," it said, compiling a list of five Mexican players, including Hernandez, that might want to consider a transfer.

Hernandez is competing for time in the Spanish team's frontline with the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Gareth Bale and returnee Jese Rodriguez, explains the International Business Times.

The Bleacher Report agreed that it did not do well for him. "Chicharito is sitting more games than what he is playing," it said, even as Mirror called him "a goal poacher of the highest calibre."

On a positive note, Arsenal, Liverpool and Tottenham, all in England, are Hernandez's likely takers, said the Daily Star. This is even as it is unclear whether the £12-million offer would be given out to local teams.

The International Business Times noted that Arsenal already has enough forwards, but the two other teams lack a strong frontline, and could use Hernandez's offerings.

Whatever happens, though, the player would get offers "across the Premier League, as he likely will in Spain," assured the report.

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