Updated 08:20 PM EST, Fri, Dec 04, 2020

'The Blacklist' Season 1 Episode 9 Spoilers: Has Red Met His Maker?

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This past Monday was even worse than usual. Fans of the new series “The Blacklist” missed out on their weekly dose, as the show is currently on a brief two-week hiatus. Luckily, the show will return this Monday with the first installment of what should be the wildest episode of the season.

The sneak peek reinforces that it will be a “game-changing episode.” This time, instead of Liz and Red hunting down the next name on The Blacklist, their target will come to them.

“Did you really think there was a distance that you could cover or a hole deep enough that you could hide? There is no where in this world that I cannot reach you, Red. Your day is here, my friend, and it will end with your screams,” Anslo Garrick says to Red in the chilling promo.

The official synopsis for of the episode, titled “Anslo Garrick,” is as follows. “Anslo Garrick (Ritchie Coster), the newest member on the blacklist, tries to capture Red; Liz is caught in an elevator.”

The synopsis doesn’t offer much, but it does begin to paint the picture. If Anslo is hot on Red’s heels, he’ll do all he can to isolate him from his trusted companion. Could Anslo be the reason Liz is trapped in an elevator? Without her help, Red will be left to face the villain one on one, and it’s clear that Anslo is thirsty for his blood.

Check out the sneak peek below and tune in Monday, Nov. 25 to NBC to catch the next episode of “The Blacklist.”

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