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CES 2015: Smartphones, TVs, Virtual Reality, Wearables & More Expected at Las Vegas Event

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The next Consumer Electronics Show (CES) will happen on Jan. 6 - 9, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The event is a gathering of the world's businesses targeted at consumer technologies.

The CES links enterprises and brings opportunities through its show floor, conference program, impromptu connections, and special meetings.

Big technology companies such as Apple, Samsung, and Sony have always been tipped to launch a product or two in the event, suggesting magnitude and follower-scope.

At this point, expectations at the upcoming CES have been rampant given the fact that January will arrive very soon. We've curated the buzz out there, so here's what we might expect to see:


IGN reported that Samsung could reveal its newest S-line flagshi device, the Galaxy S6. Accordingly, a new Galaxy tablet may also come out.

As we have previously noted, the Galaxy S6 has also been suggested to be unveiled at the next Mobile World Congress, dated March 2 - 5, 2015. This is a separate event that takes place in Barcelona, Spain.

On top of the Galaxy S6, a rumored variant known as the Galaxy S6 "Edge" could also be arriving.

IGN went on to hint that Sony's Xperia Z4, LG's next G Flex, a Huawei product and an HTC device could make an appearance in the event. Note that rumors about the alleged HTC One M9 are up, so a first impression at date is also possible.

Chinese brand Xiaomi could also be unveiling its rumored Mi 5 at the event, said Phone Arena. From our previous cover, Brazil was said to be a target market of the company's upcoming phones.

Forbes is convinced that the next CES will unwrap more phablets, the smartphone-tablet hybrid with screens between five to seven inches.


Sony might showcase a super-slim TV, wrote TechRadar. In addition, the source took note of LG's new line of 4K UHD TVs, which made use of quantum dot technology. Samsung was said to bring a Tizen TV for the event.

4K TVs had been the trend, but Forbes noted that high prices and limited 4K content affected demand. The outlet expected to see more sets at "very compelling consumer price points."


Apple has long announced the Apple Watch's arrival "early 2015" -- hence, we're most certainly keeping an eye on it at the CES.

However, IGN suggested that the event's wrist competition would come between Android Wear and other brands such as Pebble, Fitbit, Jawbone, Misfit and Garmin.

Virtual Reality

The VR market might still appear new to consumers, so we expect to see more introduction from companies working on the technology. According to IGN, the Oculus Rift might exhibit more content demonstrations, and Sony's Project Morpheus could make an appearance.

Note that Microsoft was previously reported to develop its first VR headset -- we'll have to wait if the company drops cues on this device.

We have previously reported about Kodak's partnership with English company Bullitt. The iconic camera maker has announced the licensing of its brand to "a range of mobile devices," which seemed vague at the time. Nevertheless, it was said that prospects can expect the first of them in the upcoming CES. A 4G handset, a tablet and a connected camera are expected in the second half of 2015.

In the meantime, check out a preview of the event below (via International CES).

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