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Mac Mini 3 2015 Release Date, Specs & Features: Why New Version is Worth the Wait

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The latest version of the Mac mini was unveiled by Apple in its October 2014 event. However, as early as it may seem, recent speculations are already pointing to yet another revamped model coming next year.

First, note that the current Mac mini is shipped in three types, according to The Verge. The cheapest variant starts at $499. It comes packed with 1.4GHz dual-core Intel i5 processor, 4 GB of memory, 500 GB hard drive storage and Intel HD Graphics 5000. Apple's Phil Spencer declared the product, "the world's most energy efficient desktop computer."

Yet the 2015 Mac mini could be "the one" prospects can all look forward to. As told by Christian Today, there were reports claiming that the alleged model will arrive with "more powerful specs and features." The outlet went on to indicate that this new version will address the disappointment felt by Apple fans with the current model.

It must be known that the latest Mac mini arrived following a two-year hiatus, said Macworld. On top of its petite desktop architecture, the device was also noted to be the cheapest Mac in existence. But there could be things more valuable to customers than just looks and price tag -- something that a closer examination of specifications would answer.

One particular downgrade cited by Macworld is the current Mac mini's adoption of dual-core processors, an obvious step-down from 2012's quad-core version. In addition, upgrading the model seemed to be more tedious, plus the fact that it doesn't come with a monitor, mouse or keyboard.

TekRevue added that users desiring to upgrade this Mac to the maximum 16 GB will have to shoulder an additional amount of $300 at checkout. Unfortunately, customers are deprived of the option to purchase from third-party alternatives, as well as the ability to upgrade sooner should memory costs trim down. The outlet is convinced that the Mac mini, simply, is not a priority of the Cupertino giant.

Christian Today reiterated that the current model was said to deliver slower processing performance. This could have resulted from the apparent downgrade of its processors.

But even if the model could get a faster processor and storage space, Technology Tell believed that the upcoming Mac mini will only be ignored due to its supposed lack of options. These two areas appear to be the most troublesome / needing innovation based on the reports we've cited.

Are we bound to see quad-core processors back then? Is Apple offering more storage options?

The current Mac Mini was first showcased alongside the iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 3 and Retina-powered iMac, wrote Eurogamer.

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