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iPhone 7 Release Date, Specs & Price: Apple to Launch 6s Mini? [Rumors]

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Latest rumors are claiming that Apple is planning to release a mini version of the iPhone 6s.

According to Tech Times, the company is working on a 4-inch version of the iPhone 6s. The gadget is estimated to be released in 2015.

Apple Insider cited a note from analyst Timothy Arcuri of Cowen and Company which he reportedly issued to investors this week. Arcuri said that there is a possibility that Apple will launch three new versions of the iPhone next year. He also claimed that the alleged smartphone could appear similar to the iPhone 5s, but will feature a design with curved screen edges just like the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

According to Apple Insider, the rumored iPhone 6s Mini could serve as a replacement for the iPhone 5c, which is currently the company's low-end smartphone. The iPhone 6s Mini could also have Qualcomm's purpose-built low components in order to keep it at a lower price. The 4-inch screen size of the rumored device could offer users the chance to use it one-handedly.

However, Arcuri's predictions about Apple's gadgets are mixed when it comes to reliability. "He did correctly reveal a number of details about the iPhone 6 back in January of 2014, but he also incorrectly claimed the iPhone 6 Plus would have a more powerful processor than the iPhone 6," Apple Insider stated.

With these rumors claiming that Apple is about to release a smaller version of the iPhone 6, some might wonder if the company is following in its competitor Samsung's footsteps.

Samsung is known for releasing mini versions of its Galaxy S handsets, including the Galaxy S3 Mini, Galaxy S4 Mini and the Galaxy S5 Mini, Tech Times reported. This, however, comes as no surprise. Some users indeed prefer using smartphones that could fit in their hands. Apple's devices come last in this customer grouping, and the mini version of the iPhone 6s could remedy that.

"Not everyone likes a big phone with a screen display of 4.7-inch or more. Many existing iPhone customers may still prefer a 4-inch iPhone and may find the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus too big," Tech Times noted.

Arcuri also stated that Apple is planning to launch a 12.9-inch iPad model next year. "He expects the larger iPad will 'reinvigorate' the product category, and has forecast initial shipments of 15 million to 20 million units," Apple Insider noted.

How about you? Would you prefer a smaller iPhone?  

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