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Top Five Scary Video Pranks of 2014: What Would You Do In A Similar Situation?

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Let's face one truth: We all laugh at pranks, but not when they're done to us. On top of possible embarrassment, these antics are usually grim-frightening, certainly not for the faint of heart!

But since 2014 is closing, we've decided to collect the year's scariest pranks -- all for your post-Halloween, pre-Christmas entertainment. Note that these videos have all been uploaded to YouTube, and we are merely reposting them. You may have seen these clips once, or even twice, so if you have suggestions for fellow readers, make sure to share them in the comments section below.

Without further ado, here are our chosen, scariest video pranks of 2014:

Top 5

"Devil's Daughter Scare Prank!"

Created by DmPranksProductions, this five-minute video features a girl in a blue dress -- white eyeballs all over. The clip starts in what seemed to be a basement area, setting up a "dead body" that's provoking enough to the victim's interest.

The Devil's Daughter doesn't just appear out of nowhere. She sings and runs after her victims, too!

She also victimizes a car driver in a gasoline station, and this could be the spookiest part of the prank -- when you're left alone and your car just won't start up!

Top 4

"Chainsaw Massacre Prank"

If you're into gore movies and the like, this prank could give you a good laugh. Set in a parking garage, the clip begins with a disfigured "victim" (actor) asking for help. Two people come closer out of curiosity -- until the killer shows up and starts his weapon's engine.

As you may have guessed, the prank made use of realistic prosthesis, making the whole scenario more convincing. The video was created by VitalyzdTv.

Top 3

"Exorcist Demon Spider Walk Prank!"

Created by ViralBrothers, this seems to be one of the most hilarious, twisted pranks ever conceived. The "possessed" actress unleashes her contortionist skills by bending her trunk down into an awkward, spider-like position.

She hides in what appeared to be a graffiti-decorated underpass, scaring two people at first attempt. Despite the fact that she moved slowly, the victims still ran for their lives!

Top 2

"Annabelle Prank"

Uploaded by Câmeras Escondidas Programa Silvio Santos, the prank features one of 2014's most iconic horror characters -- the demonic doll Annabelle. The ten-minute clip presents pairs of housekeepers invited to clean a huge room, mysterious objects lurking inside.

The prank bends laws of physics through preset technology, culminating in a standing Annabelle -- beside a hidden Devil.

Top 1

"Mutant Giant Spider Dog"

SA Wardega's prank video garnered over 120 million views -- what could be more frightening than a non-human, mutated creature moving around in the night? The clip made use of webs too, which you may most appreciate at the final scene!

There you have it -- our top scary pranks for 2014! What would you do when you're caught in similar situations?

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