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MLB 2014 Free Agents News and Rumors: New York Mets, Jay-Z Talked About Possible Robinson Cano Deal

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New York Mets general manager Sandy Alderson confirmed that a meeting between Mets officials and Jay Z recently took place regarding the possibility of striking a deal with highly-coveted free agent Robinson Cano.

According to Adam Rubin of ESPN, Alderson confirmed that he met with Cano's representatives, but he clarified that Jay Z and his associates arranged the meeting, not the Mets.

"They requested a meeting," Alderson said in a statement. "We had a nice dinner. They made a presentation. We talked generally. And that was it. As I said, we were approached."

But while Cano would definitely add a huge boost to the Mets next season, Alderson reiterated his previous statement, saying that signing a player to a $100 million-plus contract is highly unlikely.

The Mets signed captain David Wright to a $140 million contract in December last year.

Signing a player to a contract in that financial range is a remote possibility according to Alderson, but he added that their stance could change if a good offer comes along, which is not the case in Cano's situation. As of now, the second baseman is looking for a contract worth more than $300 million.

"I had said last week that I didn't foresee contracts in the $100 million range for the Mets this offseason," Alderson said. "I think that statement still pertains. On the other hand, we are committed to improving the team. And we will explore whatever possibilities arise, however remote the eventual outcome."

Alderson also added that no terms were discussed in the meeting, saying that it was more preliminary talk than anything else, and he also revealed that Jay Z and his associates are planning to have similar meetings with a number of teams.

Talking to other teams could be Jay Z's way of pressuring the New York Yankees to finally give in to their contract demands, but Mark Feisand of New York Daily News reported that teams are becoming frustrated with the way Cano's agents are handling his situation.

Feisand quoted a Major League Baseball official closely following Cano's situation. The official said that Jay Z is selling Cano as the next Michael Jordan, who could turn a franchise around based on television ratings and fan base.

"They're selling him as Michael Jordan, not as a baseball player. As a guy that's going to be a big rock star and bring all these fans in. Last year, that wasn't the case," a major-league official was quoted as saying.

Jay Z, along with Roc Nation Sports agent Van Wagenen, remains firm on their stance that Cano deserves a 10-year contract worth $310 million.

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