Updated 04:10 PM EDT, Sat, Sep 18, 2021

‘Expelled’ Release Date, Cast, Trailer & Where to Buy Digital Download: Vine Star Cameron Dallas & Marcus Johns Reveal Movie Promo Bloopers [Video]

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Getting kicked out of school has never been cooler, at least in the case of legendary prankster Felix. Variety reported that high school comedy film "Expelled" has been taking over digital platforms following its post-theater release. Now, we've got Vine star Cameron Dallas and Marcus Johns goofing around in the film's recently released promo bloopers video!

As Variety puts it, the film ran for a limited time on the big screen (Dec. 12) before coming out as a digital download. Accordingly, the title debuted number 1 across many platforms, including Apple's iTunes store. The outlet added that the movie made a big leap from number 52 to the top spot. Twitter, as usual, broke out with #ExpelledOnYoutube just recently.

"Expelled" chronicles the modern-day, teenage adventures of Felix (played by Cameron Dallas).. Walking the school corridors as a "legendary prankster", the principal expells him after he was caught breaking the rules for the third time.

But Felix is simply determined to not let his parents know. Teaming up with his brother Ben (Marcus Johns), best friend Danny (Matt Shively), new friend Katie (Lia Marie Johnson) and classmate Vanessa (Andrea Russett), he attempts creating the perfect plan to keep his unfortunate situation a secret -- how far he goes, expectedly, is the big question.

Meanwhile, Dallas recently spoke with J-14, revealing juicy details about his ideal first date. He told the outlet, "Sometimes the simplest dates are the best ones. Like, you don't need to buy a girl flowers, you can just pick her a flower... Make sure you have fun with it. Keep it light and keep it simple."

When asked about first kisses, Dallas seemed to not care too much. The "Expelled" actor appeared to opt for the natural course of events instead, "You don't have to stress out about the first kiss. People actually like when you don't try."

Dallas revealed earlier this month in "On Air with Ryan Seacrest" that his celebrity crushes include Ariana Grande and Selena Gomez.

Retailing for $9.99, "Expelled" may be purchased from from the following platforms below. Click on the links for more information. Note that prices may change without further notice.



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Check out other movie merchandise goods here. You can follow Cameron Dallas and Marcus Johns on Twitter.

Watch the official trailer of "Expelled" (via Cameron Dallas) below. Dallas and Johns' promo bloopers video follow.

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