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PlayStation Plus Free Games List January 2015: PS4 Titles 'inFAMOUS First Light' & 'The Swapper' Coming

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What could kick off the New Year better than a pair of free game titles? Leave it all to PlayStation, which always seems to know what users want even before they ask.

Earlier in November, PlayStationLifeStyle.net took note of free PS4 titles unveiled by the European PlayStation blog as coming to PS Plus members this January. It noted that North America may also receive the same list of free games.

Since six free titles for PS Plus members are traditionally named each month, we're still on the lookout for two more games for the PS3 and another two for the PS Vita.

We've got two titles hitting the PS4 for free next month: "inFAMOUS First Light" and "The Swapper." Let's take a closer look at these games.

"inFAMOUS First Light"

Developed by Sucker Punch and published by Sony Computer Entertainment, "inFAMOUS First Light" is a stand-alone, action-adventure minigame that chronicles the adventures of Fetch and her possession of Neon powers. The game was released on Aug. 26, 2014, wrote IGN.

According to PlayStation, Fetch has been locked up in a prison designed for super-powered humans. Because of her situation, she is forced to reminisce her ugly past. It is the player's mission to unfold her secret, by letting her escape Curdun Cay and seek revenge against those who have sinned against her.

The game currently retails for $14.99, for a download worth 8.7 GB. Head over here for more details.

"The Swapper"

Set in the deepest of outer space, the game is an atmospheric puzzle platformer where players manipulate an experimental device that clones them. Control over these clones may be swapped. The game calls itself an "exploration of a very personal nature." Developer Facepalm Games described the game's art as created from clay and other everyday materials.

"The Swapper" has four main features: (1) Challenge, where solutions are said to be a few steps away; (2) Isolation, which adopts that classic sci-fi feel from "2001: A Space Odyssey" and "Solaris;" (3) Wonder, since it's all from clay and (4) Mystery, drawing inspiration from the works of "Penumbra" and "FTL" writer Tom Jubert.

The game is likewise sold for $14.99. It was initially released on May 30, 2013. See more screenshots here.

Not a PlayStation Plus member? To get more of everything PlayStation, select your plan from the list of available options and join here.

Watch the launch trailer of "The Swapper" (via the PlayStation channel) below.

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