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Microsoft Windows 10 Threshold Release Date, Features & Download: Leaked Build 9901 Packs New Xbox App, Cortana & More UI Changes

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The hype surrounding Windows 10 is unstoppable, as evidenced by another unofficial build making its first online impression on Sunday. According to CNET, the leaked Build 9901 came with a handful of features including Cortana, the new Xbox app and other noticeable UI modifications. It also appeared to be a more consumer-oriented sneak peek of what users can expect from Microsoft soon.

The leak precedes Microsoft's upcoming event called "Windows 10: The next chapter," set to take place in Redmond, Washington on January 21.

Let's take a look at the Windows 10 Build 9901 leak:


Known to be Microsoft's virtual assistant similar to Apple's Siri and Google Now, Cortana positioned herself comfortably on top of the build's search interface. It goes without saying that she's potentially one of Windows 10's strongest features, appearing in earlier leaks.

The Verge noted that the build's version of Cortana is "all very similar" to its Windows Phone counterpart. As usual, she attended to reminders, notes and interests. The source believed that the final Cortana will bring about more significant changes.

New Xbox App

Build 9901 gave birth to a new Xbox app, which basically served as the entry point to all things Xbox. The Verge said it granted access to achievements, activity feeds, social lists and the Store. Accordingly, the app may include SmartGlass soon.

Wallpapers, Settings, Photos

Paul Thurrott from WinSuperSite.com found five new wallpapers in the leaked build: a new default one and four from the Lines and Colors set. He also cited the removal of the Settings charm, now accessible via the app settings menu.

The taskbar also got a change of color, as it now sported an opaque, dark hue. Thurrott added that open windows are now represented by lines appearing under their buttons.

A new, full-screen button in the title bar of Modern apps also made an appearance in the build. A new Settings app (as well as Settings pane animation) was also noted.

Two apps simply labeled "Photos" were cited by Thurrott. He called the newer one a "nice improvement" of the "terrible" version packed in the earlier Windows 8.1.

In the meantime, the Windows Technical Preview may be downloaded here. Be sure to read all the instructions and system requirements before downloading. We take no responsibility for any untoward incident that may happen in the process.

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As CNET puts it, users are most likely to see the official retail version of Windows 10 in late 2015. PC World, on the other hand, expected a mid-2015 release.

Check out this visual reference of Build 9901 from WinBeta. See screenshots (via The Verge) here.

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