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'Chespirito' Top Quotes, Phrases & Gifs: Social Media Remembers Roberto Gomez Bolaños

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Roberto Gómez Bolaños, the iconic Mexican comedian better known to fans as "El Chavo del Ocho," "Chespirito," and "El Chapulin Colorado" died in his Cancun home nearly two weeks ago at the age of 85. An outpouring of love and respect have not stopped coming since.

Gómez Bolaños' slapstick style of humor defined television for a generation of Latin American children. His arrogant yet dimwitted "El Chavo" character - the orphan boy who sported a barrel, freckles, frayed cap and a worn-out striped shirt- gained worldwide popularity as the show was dubbed in 50 languages.

Inspiration for Chespirito came from a director who compared him to "a little Shakespeare." His diminutive stature only reinforced the nickname. His career spanned 20 films and theatre performances hundreds of television episodes, so it came as no surprise when Gómez Bolaños garnered over one million Twitter followers in less than two months. Chespirito's last show was produced in 1995 but Gomez Bolanos' catchphrases and personal quotes resonate today. Here are some of his most memorable sayings, along with social media's reaction to his passing.

1. "Síganme los buenos!" - "Good people, follow me!" El Chapulin Colorado would say before stumbling over something dramatically.

2. "Se me chispoteó!" - El Chavo's go-to line when something went wrong or he made a mistake.

3. "Bueno, pero no te enojes" - El Chavo would tell his neighbors "ok, but don't get mad" after getting them angry.

4. "No contaban con mi astucia" - Every time things work themselves out, el Chapulin would take credit by saying "they didn't count on my shrewdness!"

5. "Fue sin querer queriendo" - "I did it without wanting to do it."

6. "Que no panda el cúnico" - When trying to be a hero, el Chapulin would mix up the phrase "Que no panda el cúnico," or "don't panic."

7. "Mis movimientes estan friamente calculados." - el Chapulin would say "my movements are coldly calculated."

8. "I never wrote for children...I wrote with respect for the audience, which I've maintained all my life. Doesn't mean I couldn't be risqué, but I did it smartly without being vulgar." - Gómez Bolaños said in a 1999 interview with Mexican newspaper La Jornada.

9. "Hello. I'm Chespirito. I'm 82-years-old and this is the first time I tweet. This is my debut. All the good people, follow me!" - Gómez Bolaños first tweet on May 28, 2011.

10. "I always tried to be as concise as possible, all to try and reach everyone, but especially the simple people, those who needed to be reached more than anyone else." - Gómez Bolaños in a 2005 interview with La Jornada.

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