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'H1Z1' PS4 Release Date, Gameplay & Trailer: Early Access Date Announced - Price & Details

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Those eyeing the release of zombie apocalypse, survival game "H1Z1" may already get their hands on the title by Jan. 15, 2015. The announcement came from Sony Online Entertainment president John Smedley, said IGN.

PC Gamer reported that this comes in the form of an "Early Access," which of course sounds like a preview or beta. The source noted that the game remains to be in its early development state.

Smedley took his revelation to Reddit, "After a lot of hard work, we've decided to make the release date January 15th, 2015. This gives us just enough time to polish what we have and put out something we'll be proud of and hopefully you'll be excited to play."

The Sony president then explained why the installment took so long to make. He claimed that his company wanted to make something they can be proud of, which in this case, shouldn't hurt fans that bad.

He reiterated that users will get to see the game's "Early Access" version and reminded them that it won't be better than "DayZ" in its January release. "Is H1Z1 going to be better than 'Day Z' day 1? No it won't. We'll get asked that question a lot and I wanted to be up front about it. We're not as feature rich and they have a lot of really cool stuff we just don't have yet. That being said, we're also a different game," he added.

That said, he ironically urged prospects not to buy the title if the idea of "Early Access" doesn't excite them. He clarified that the the project is an MMO, or "Massive Multiplayer Online" game.

Interestingly, this version of "H1Z1" takes two pricing options: a starting price of $19.99 and a much more expensive one, wrote PC Gamer. Cinema Blend reported that it comes out for the PC and PS4.

According to the title's official web site, the game is a "total sandbox" experience which allows players to test their survival skills. The "H1Z1" name was derived from a virus outbreak, which ultimately infected the setting's population.

The site also reminded that those planning to get the title's "Early Access" edition will have to expect "an evolving feature set, bugs, incompetent content, missing features and potentially game-breaking issues."

Are you excited about Sony's upcoming title? Will you buy the "Early Access" edition? Tell us what you think in the comments section. For those interested in joining the title's Reddit community, visit here.

Watch the official gameplay trailer of "H1Z1" (via Playstation Game Trailers) below.

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