Updated 09:59 AM EST, Fri, Feb 26, 2021

Tiger Woods Lindsey Vonn Update: Golfer Vomits; Skier Struggles in Comeback

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Upon his return to the Hero World Challenge on Saturday, it was clear that Tiger Woods struggled with his performance as he showed in the event with no voice, was vomiting and had a high fever. 

His illness continued and he was feeling nauseous during the game. SB Nation said that the golfer was on antibiotics to fight his health bug which almost prevented him from competing.

"I wasn't doing too good at the beginning, but I thought I could hang in there. If this fever just broke, I thought I'd be all right and it finally broke on the front nine," Woods told SB Nation.

He added that he pushed through with the game because he was not feeling them a day before the competition.

It can be remembered that Woods performed poorly in events last year after he came back from a back rehabilitation which has clearly affected the way he played golf.

"It wasn't easy and I fought hard. That's about all I had," Woods said of his performance on Saturday, as quoted by SB Nation.

But he cleared that he never thought of giving up on the game because he wanted to continue in his fighting form.

"I like to compete, so if I can go, I can go and I'll give it everything I have," he added and said that the pain that he was feeling was different from a back pain and more like under the weather.

His poor health led to numerous bogeys and he reportedly ended up last on the list of players who joined the game.

Experiencing a similar fate as her boyfriend, skier Lindsey Vonn also had her taste of disappointment on Friday as she finished eighth at Friday's World Cup in Alberta, Canada but she said she was pleased with the results, ESPN reported.

"I was expecting so much from this return. I really wanted to come to this race with a goal in mind," said Vonn who recovered from a shin fracture and two knee operations in the past two years.

She added that it was a good start for her, considering the fact that this was her first race for the year. "Clearly, if I look closer, I could have pushed myself a little bit more. But it'll do for now," Vonn said in the ESPN article.

Asked about his girlfriend's comeback to skiing, Woods told USA Today that Vonn put in a lot of hard work for her to be able to compete again despite being missing in action for two years.

"So to be able to get into a position where she felt comfortable to push the physical limits, absolute limits ‑ because that's what [you] have to do in order to win in her sport ‑ and to be table take those chances and take this risks without having her knee blow out on her is pretty cool. She almost won today, which is even better. She's got her confidence back," Woods added.

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