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'Watch Dogs 2' Release Date Coming Soon; T-Bone the New Aiden [Rumors]

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Perhaps one of the most-awaited events of gaming fans and enthusiasts alike is this year's PlayStation Experience, set to take place in Las Vegas, Nevada on Dec. 6 and 7. The gathering will give players an opportunity to experience new and unreleased titles, attend exclusive developer panels and meet people from the world's most popular game studios.

Lots of activities were slated to happen at the two-day event, all within 400,000 square feet -- these include contests, giveaways, signings and more.

One particular title that's currently brewing rumors ahead of the event is "Watch Dogs 2." According to Master Herald, publisher Ubisoft echoed among whispers, possibly revealing some juicy information about the sequel in PlayStation's event.

The outlet cited leaks spilling from the company's offices, which claimed that the game comes out June 2016 to all platforms -- PC included.

Apparently, one of the allegations predicted that "Watch Dogs 2" gets a new protagonist. Fans might finally kiss Aiden Pearce goodbye, as Raymond "T-Bone" Kenney is currently in the talks to take the lead. This should sound interesting enough, specially if you've noticed Aiden's seemingly bland characterization in the first title.

As noted by Master Herald, Aiden became the subject of criticism for being "dull" and "uninteresting." If T-Bone's dominance holds true, we may expect that Ubisoft incorporates the critics' suggestions and cooks some good background story for the character. Everybody deserves a good story!

This current speculation concerning Aiden's kick from the limelight coincides with GameRant's earlier note. The source cited Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot's interview with CVG, where it was somehow hinted that the protagonist won't be starring next.

When asked about Aiden's return (or the adoption of a new protagonist), Guillemot wasn't very confident, "I can't say because I don't know actually. We'll see."

Ubisoft also acknowledged the importance of changing character stereotypes. Guillemot went on, "We are working on that. We want to spend more time on the worlds and characters in our games... You will see more and more of this at Ubisoft. We'll try to be less like we have been in the past with some characters. We'll try to extend more diversity."

IGN also took note of the company's stance in bringing "radical" changes to the title's sequel. The outlet cited another CVG interview with Ubisoft Montreal's Lionel Raynaud.

Raynaud explained, "There are flaws, obviously. We absolutely want to tackle these flaws and surprise players, and the way to tackle some of those flaws is going to be quite radical."

The sequel might surprise us after all.

Coming to the PlayStation Experience event? Get your tickets here.

Watch UbiCentral's suggested ups for "Watch Dogs 2" below.

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