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Naya Rivera New Album 2014 - Release Date & Tracklist: Glee Star Shares Details of First Record with Rolling Stone

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Naya Rivera is well-accustomed to turning heads. She's been a star on the hit series Glee, where she plays a lesbian former cheerleader; but the songstress is definitely looking to get the boys' attention with her leggy cover photo gracing the pages of Rolling Stone.

"SO excited to be featured on Rolling Stone's Latin Hot List issue, Rivera said on her official Web site. "Shooting this with Terry Richardson was incredible - I love the way it turned out."

Rivera is about to release her debut album in early 2014. According to a report in Rolling Stone, Rivera has actually been on paper with Columbia Records for more than three years, as soon as the interest hit from her appearances on the popular show. She is just now getting around to putting out the first CD and making the rounds to get noticed for this solo venture.

"It took a long time to figure out where I wanted to go musically," she told the magazine.

Where she went musically was a heavy-thumping dance tune featuring her boyfriend, Big Sean, providing the rap-over and was released on Youtube in a NSFW (Not Safe For Work) lyric video that projected the words to the song onto the bodies of nude dancers. It has so far garnered well more than a million views on the video website.

It's a far cry from her material as Santana on the hit show, but Rivera thinks her fans will become accustomed to the sound pretty quickly.

"What I do on the show is sing cover songs, so there's really no style or genre to Santana," Rivera explained in another interview with Rolling Stone. "I just want to put out things that I really like and hopefully people like them as much as I do. That's all you can ask for."

Finding the spotlight seems to run in her family. When not doing her music these days, Naya finds time to cheer for her brother, Oakland Raiders tight end Mychal Rivera.

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