Updated 11:21 AM EST, Sat, Nov 27, 2021

'Minecraft' PC Mods: The Beano's Dennis, Gnasher & Walter Out

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It seems "Minecraft" isn't spared from Dennis the Menace's pranks.

Just recently, publisher DC Thomson has officially brought "The Beano" for "Minecraft." According to BBC, characters Dennis the Menace, companion dog Gnasher and mortal nemesis Walter the Softy are now eligible for addition to the popular sandbox game's PC version.

The outlet cited Mark Cotton's statement, the person leading Beano's digital changes, "If you talk to any 7 to 11-year-old kid, 'Minecraft' is pretty much their biggest passion and love."

The Guardian reported that the official mod replaces default characters with Dennis, Gnasher and Walter, on top of other features such as stink bombs, catapults and rotten tomatoes -- all of which resemble the 1951-born comic franchise. The source noted that the mod was created by Canadian developer Frima Studios in collaboration with the creators of "The Beano."

Cotton told the outlet, "The Beano has always been about great storytelling, imagination and creativity. 'Minecraft' is a perfect match for us, providing an amazing sandbox for kids to take our characters, tell their own stories, prank their friends and build out Beanotown."

If this sounds fun enough, wait till you hear DC Thomson's other plans. "We'd love to expand the pranks and incorporate other 'Beano' characters," Cotton went on. "So we're working on a whole series of initiatives over the next three to six months."

As Christian Today puts it, Cotton believed that today's children are more particular with all things digital, prompting the move to bring them characters of "The Beano" more accessibly. Cotton was also reported to announce that the mod will see the addition of Minnie's character soon.

The source clarified that "Dennis the Menace" from "The Beano" is different from another comic franchise of the same title. The latter, accordingly, was created by Hank Ketcham.

Cotton told BBC that about 32,000 "The Beano" comics are currently sold each week, implying that the title remains to hold a strong follower base. Of course, this is an important aspect for its "Minecraft" mod to prosper.

The source above said DC Thomson has already extended the franchise to TV, photo-sharing app and YouTube channel. Now, we've got a "Minecraft" playground on top of the list!

As to how the game might be performing, The Guardian noted that YouTube channel ChooChoosGaming provides a review promotion to more than 240,000 subscribers. Check out the site's preview of the newest "Minecraft" mod below.

What do you think about "The Beano" characters coming to "Minecraft?" We'd love to hear your comments.

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