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WWE News & Rumors: Kurt Angle Returning? Comeback Decision This Week

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December 2, Tuesday, will make or break wrestling history, as icon Kurt Angle is slated to decide whether or not he would go back to the franchise that jump-started his career.

According to the Inquisitr, the 1996 Olympic gold medalist climbed up the WWE ladder immediately because of his skills and charisma. However, he was dropped from the wrestling brand and later moved to Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA), to win five championships at "Impact Wrestling."

With talks that he might head back to the birthplace of his wrestling stardom, Angle was not able to announce whether or not he would green-light the transfer on Vince Russo's "The Swerve" podcast recently, the Inquisitr said. Ears will definitely be hooked to the podcast, however, with the impending decision to be revealed Tuesday, in a candid interview.

"Intrigue and confusion" summarize the dynamics of the Angle-WWE relationship, the Inquisitr said, after the former Olympian was embroiled in injury and drug/alcohol problems.

According to What Culture in a report of 10 flops in the wrestler's career, Top 1 would be those problems.

"When Angle was released by WWE on August 25, 2006 it was a huge story. He had spent seven years as arguably the best performer in the world," it said. 

Because of the problem, the WWE wanted him to go to rehab less than a year after Eddie Guerrero died, the report said. Angle refused, and also claimed that he was overworked by the franchise. That caused the releaseA few months after, Angle was already with TNA Wrestling, going to rehab only in 2013 for DUI charges.

The Inquisitr report added that Angle's interest in a part-time deal with WWE broke out of the rumor mill months ago. However, there was initial hesitation from Vince McMahon and Triple H due to Angle's "history of injuries and drug/alcohol problems." It was also noted that Triple H wanted Angle to sign a full-time contract.

Why a full-time contract? Probably because of this: "For what seems like an eternity, WWE news has teased rumors that something really big is coming with The Bulgarian Brute, Rusev, and his svelte mouthpiece Lana," said Celebrity Dirty Laundry. It explained that the best person to fight the wrestler that despises the United States would be an "American Hero" -- Angle.

The wrestler, who also said he wanted to finish out his career in the WWE, is not facing a closed door, said the report, explaining that McMahon would do anything to get money and that "No bridge is ever too burned with Vince."

"If the WWE wants a staple match to really build up to Wrestlemania season, they truly should consider Kurt Angle returning for Rusev," the report said. "Not only would it send Angle off properly. It would also boost Rusev to the moon."

However, Sportskeeda said, that might not happen because Angle already signed with TNA, because of "a lot of creative differences between WWE and Angle." If that is true, Rusev won't be shooting to the moon after all.


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