Updated 08:51 AM EST, Fri, Nov 27, 2020

Eagles vs Cowboys Recap: LeSean McCoy Picks His Nose During Game [Watch]

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Yes, cameras caught LeSean McCoy picking his nose Thursday. No, the positive comments from the anchors or the quick cut to bird's-eye view did not hide that fact.

Watch it below:

Did you hear that comment from the person recording? He sounded unable to believe what he saw.

"The cameras are always watching," begins the Bleacher Report, coming off a little preachy to the Philadelphia Eagles running back, even as the team won convincingly -- a wide open 33-10 -- in their Thanksgiving Day match versus the Dallas Cowboys away at AT&T Stadium, Texas.

Despite party-pooping at that moment, McCoy impressively zoomed 159 yards and managed a touchdown on a season-high 25 carries, ESPN Go reported.The TD ensured a victory over the Cowboys, it added.

The win does not yet carry the team over to the playoffs but it was a show of skill for McCoy and Mark Sanchez on the field because aside from the 159 yards, Sanchez managed a scoring run, his first in three years, ESPN reported.

"This really felt like last year," McCoy said, per the report. "It really did." The Cowboys are now 8-4 after losing their third straight home game, while the Eagles are 9-3, are solo division leader with four games to go.

The Cowboys were not as snappy with their responses on the field, a stark contrast to their Sunday victory against the New York Giants. DeMarco Murray was not able to run beyond 9 yards while Tony Romo passed the ball aimlessly, giving possession and the opportunity to shine to his opponents.

The Bleacher Report said that people would soon forget that nose-picking issue after the stellar performance McCoy displayed, but he is all over the Internet, still.

"Before digging into the post-game turkey and stuffing, McCoy dug out a little appetizer. From his nose," said Lightly Buzzed cleverly. "Be careful LeSean, that's how you get a nose bleed."

Live Leak, on the other hand, speculates that he might have eaten his booger, sending his finger straight to his mouth just after he rummaged his nose. It's also on repeat on Vine.

"I caught this too. Nasty bastard lol," said one of the comments on another, shorter YouTube footage of the incident. "Modern day social networking at it finest. This just happened and I looked it up ," said another.

Agreeing to Live Leak, Ryan Gray said: "he did more than that. Thank god for somebody's head in the way. i guess he is already full and dinner can wait." Julia Fiorillo said: "My Mom thought he ate it ewwww."

But even if fans are not sweeping that under the rug, a For The Win suggests McCoy is not minding -- "Is it Michael Jackson? Marty McFly in 'Back To The Future II?'"

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