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Xbox One Update December: Screenshot Feature Coming 2015

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Microsoft will be slowing things down for the holidays, particularly for its next-gen gaming console. Xbox One could be among the most-sought Black Friday item after all -- who says an update rest isn't possible? Microsoft informs the public that the company's still in control.

Xbox head Phil Spencer confirmed via IGN that the coming month will not see major changes for the Xbox One. He revealed, "In December, it's probably a time for us to pause for a little bit and settle just as all the new consoles are coming online."

He added that the anticipation for the console's screenshot feature may be saved for next year, "As we come back into the new year, we'll see new stuff, and screenshots is on the list."

According to Neowin, Spencer said in a recent podcast via Major Nelson that Microsoft has prepared a roadmap for 2015 -- they are currently working on the schedules of monthly updates. He told the outlet that it is the company's commitment to stick to a monthly routine of update roll-outs.

The last Xbox One update from Microsoft came in the middle of October, wrote CVG. It was said to bring improvement in terms of multitasking and social networking. The source added that this month's update was initially rolled-out among preview members, bringing new features such as background customization, SmartGlass, and Internet Explorer upgrades.

While December seems to be just as cold for Xbox One, remember that games will come to spice things up! That's right -- we have previously reported that Christmastime will see the arrival of "The Crew (Dec. 2)," "Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris (Dec. 9)," and "Kalimba (Dec. 17)." Head over here for more information.

For those who haven't got their hands on Xbox One, retailers are offering bundles (console + games) from Thanksgiving and beyond. Starting at $329, one can get his newest Xbox One through Microsoft, Best Buy, GameStop, Target, Toys R Us and Walmart. Accompanying games include "Assassin's Creed Unity" and "Halo: The Master Chief Collection."

Alternatively, those who prefer to keep tight pockets on the holidays may join Rockstar's Xbox One giveaway sweepstakes. The event grants a new, custom-made Xbox One sporting "GTA V" details as grand prize. Rockstar is also running a PS4 version of the sweepstakes. Check this out for details.

Watch the trailer of "Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris" for the Xbox One and PS4 (via GamesHQMedia) below.


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