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Anderson Silva Next Fight 2014 vs Nick Diaz: The Spider Not A 'Big, Strong' Guy, Says Opponent

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After retiring in March last year, UFC fighter Nick Diaz is set to return to the Octagon with a fight against Anderson Silva at UFC 183.

It seems Diaz is confident that he'll win the match, saying Silva is not one of the "big and strong" guys.

It will be a comeback for both fighters with Silva having this as his first fight after his leg break injury late last year.

"It's not going to be (something) I'm overly concerned about, especially in this fight, I think, because my opponent is not one of these big, strong guys who like to get through a fight by being strong, so that really doesn't come into play," Diaz told MMA Fighting.

He, however, recognized that Silva's reach may play a big factor on the fight since the Brazilian fighter is an inch taller than him.

"So there's nothing I can really do about size when it comes to this fight, other than coming in as strong and healthy as I can," Diaz added.

Looking back, MMA Fighting said that when Diaz was forced to retire after his loss to Georges St-Pierre last year, he joked that the only fight which could make him return is against St-Pierre or Silva. Though it seemed like a funny statement at the time of his loss, things have changed ever since.

Asked about what he feels about his upcoming match with Silva, Diaz said it was a decision he really had to make.

"I mean, I wasn't going to walk out of there with something I wasn't happy with. So I just, you know, I was able to score a deal I can't refuse. That's how I look at it," he told MMA Fighting.

Yahoo Sports added that Diaz was initially lured to the fight by the money he can earn aside from the fact that he wanted to make the fight happen.

"I look back and think about why did I take one of these mediocre level opponents or fights or something like that? I could see myself going, 'I didn't need to do that. I didn't need to go there,'" Diaz said.

He also said that he considers himself as the right guy for the job these days. "Pretty much after my first couple pro fights I wound up being the right guy for the job. So that's why I'm still here, and I'll fight the right fights if I have the opportunity."

Diaz and Silva will square off in a five-round non-title fight in the UFC 183 headliner on Jan. 31 at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas.

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