Updated 03:01 AM EDT, Fri, Sep 18, 2020

'PES 2015' PS4, PC & Xbox One Demo vs 'FIFA 15': EA Title Better?

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Now that the "PES 2015" demo for PS4, PC and Xbox One is out, gamers could not help but compare it to "FIFA 15" noting that the former has improved over the past years though it has not yet matched the quality of the FIFA game.

Softonic said that though there is still no direct download available for the game, players have already been enjoying a demo for almost a month. It added that the said "PES 2015" demo is almost similar than any other console versions where you can play matches for about 10 minutes inside the Konami Stadium. Some of the teams available for the game are Real Madrid, Athletico Madrid, FC Barcelona, Juventus, Athletic Bilbao, Bayern Munich and Napoli.

In an article, Rock, Paper, Shotgun said that the "PES 2015" looks a lot like FIFA but noted that there are still some distinguishing factors between the two.

"Yes, it's shooting for the same sort of real-time tactical action which I found in FIA, but playing the demo that arrived a few days after launch shows it's quite different. While the FIFA demo was heavy on lore, pomp, and flash, PES's demo skips the fluff to create a more slimline, irreverent, and slightly retro take on the ritualized combat of goalzones and bombwarders," the Rock, Paper, Shotgun added in its report.

In a similar review by The Fuse Joplin, it noted that it was a challenge comparing the games because of their similarities. As far as animation is concerned, the report said that "FIFA 15" has "slicker" animations of players.

"PES 15 does offers several high quality moves and its players have a better ability to maneuver in less space, but FIFA is better," it added noting that people should see to believe the big difference of the animation between the two games.

When it comes to graphics, The Fuse Joplin said that has "incredible graphics" enabling users to see the natural moves of the players.

"However, the details are not so good in PES 15 and it seems like a step back when you play this game after playing FIFA. Aesthetics of PES are also not as pleasing as that of its rival," the report added.

Gameplay is another area where FIFA beats PES because of the "faster gaming experience and great gaming atmosphere" it reportedly offers.

Considering all these factors, it could be safe to say that "FIFA 15" still has an edge over "PES 15" but The Fuse Joplin said that this reviews are still based from a demo version of PES versus the final version of FIFA.

"Therefore, there is plenty of time for development teams of both the games to improve on their weaknesses, which means final versions will surely be much better," the same report added.

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