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‘Spider-Man 3’ Movie Release Date, Cast Rumors & News: Gwen Stacy to Return?

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Is it possible for Emma Stone to reprise her role as Gwen Stacy in the third "Spider-Man" movie franchise? Some reports state that Peter Parker's love interest might make a comeback.

Gwen Stacy's untimely death was a disappointment for a lot of fans. The character died at the hands of Green Goblin (played by Dane DeHaan) towards the ending of "The Amazing Spider-Man 2." But fans need not fret, for there is a possibility that Gwen Stacy will return, but only as a clone.

According to Christian Today, "Based on the comic books, a professor from the Empire State University who fell in love with Gwen went nuts when she died. He started calling himself The Jackal, and created a clone based on Gwen to bring her back to life."

Fans of the comic book series "Spider-Man" would immediately know that this professor is Miles Warren, a teacher at Empire State University, as stated by another report from Christian Today. The mad scientist blames Spider-Man (played by Andrew Garfield) for Gwen Stacy's death, and he dedicated his time and effort so he could bring her back. He even created a clone in Peter Parker's likeness.

If this plot pushes through, it would be remarkable how it would affect the dynamic between Peter Parker and the villain. "That sounds much more interesting than another flick with [Spider-Man] fighting a bunch of villains we don't care about," Movie Pilot noted.

"Peter will have no choice but to take down Gwen Stacy's clone as she is a work of a mad scientist. However, the Peter Parker clone will still exist and the real Peter will start to wonder who he really is. In the end, he will have to dig deep and rely on his strong feelings for Mary Jane to prove he is the real one," Christian Today explained.

Mary Jane Watson is played by young actress Shailene Woodley. She was supposed to have a cameo appearance in "The Amazing Spider-Man 2," but her scene was cut from the final edit of the film, according to another report from Movie Pilot.

There have been no concrete plot details yet for the third installment of the movie. Air Herald stated that the first two "The Amazing Spider-Man" films received mixed reviews from viewers.

However, MStarz reported that "The Amazing Spider-Man 3" is scheduled for release in 2018, with no official date yet. There are rumors that Sony Pictures Entertainment, the production behind the movie, is attempting to have a deal with Marvel for the future of the franchise.

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