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'Fallout 4' Release Date, News & Rumors: To Be Announced by Bethesda December?

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For some time, developer Bethesda Softworks has not made any revealing announcement regarding the fourth sequel to its post-apocalyptic game franchise "Fallout" -- leading to the plethoric production of speculations that graced the very interest of many fans. But limit has its own measurement, and the company finally dispelled all the allegations through its Twitter post, said Christian Today.

The outlet cited a new "Fallout" trademark patent which involved Pip Boy (Personal Information Processor), an electronic device that allows players to access important data and transfer pieces of information to holodisks. Accordingly, the patent is a legitimate work by Bethesda and not just another conjured hoax.

The tweet read, "Re: http://bit.ly/1pJi69P [Image] RT @DCDeacon not a hoax. Our filing. Just protecting our trademark. Also helps in dealing with infringement stuff."

Bethesda's announcement follows an earlier German patent "Fallout 4: Shadow of Boston," which Latinos Post previously noted to be nothing but fake.

Meanwhile, The Fuse Joplin predicted that the game could launch on Dec. 5, in the next VGX. The outlet recalled Bethesda's release of "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim," which happened on the same event. Accordingly, no other major event is taking place until E3 205 - and Bethesda, according to the source, didn't "like" announcing games at the said event.

Staff from Bethesda were also reported to have a meeting with VGX host Geoff Keighley. If this holds true, then we can all expect something from the developer in the convention. But whether that "something" is "Fallout 4," we can never confirm yet.

Crossmap cited Bethesda game director Todd Howard's earlier interview with Gamestar, where he appeared to pay much attention to timing.

Howard revealed, "We get asked a lot, I sort of tell people we're figuring things out. We're taking our time, we're extremely excited about it and the reason we're kind of holding back right now is because we want to wait until it's really there to show it to everybody."

He seems to be concerned with the element of surprise -- or maybe shocking, so to speak -- "We don't want to kind of dribble it out, we'd rather say, you know, 'surprise, boom, here it is.' And make sure that moment of learning about something and seeing for the first time is really... I enjoy those moments for other games so we'd rather hold back and wait and just surprise everybody."

It's settled then: Bethesda isn't bringing "Fallout 4" in a rather untimely fashion. But since we know that there's a confirmed patent application, perhaps the time may be used to just sit back and relax -- and see what happens on Dec. 5.

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