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'Four' Album One Direction Release Date, Tracklist, Songs, Price & Where to Buy: Everything You Need to Know

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One Direction's highly-anticipated new album "Four" is coming out in just a few days.

J-14 listed some interesting details about the British boyband's fourth studio album. Here they are:

One member of the famous group didn't write any songs in the album

Niall Horan couldn't join songwriters and his fellow 1D members in the studio during the songwriting session because of his knee surgery that prompted him to stay in bed. But to make up for it, Horan came up with the title for the album as a symbolism of the group's four years of being together. 

Ed Sheeran wrote '18,' one of the songs in 'Four'

According to J-14, Sheeran wrote the track while he was in the bathroom.

"It's the first record I've actually specifically written for them," he said, as quoted by J-14. "The other ones were my records that just didn't make it only my album, just because I had too many slow songs."

The song 'Illusion' was about Liam Payne and Sophia Smith's relationship

Payne didn't even write the song; it was penned by songwriter Julian Bunetta. According to the singer, "I was having a chat with Julian, we were both talking about our girlfriends and I left him at it and he wrote all the words based on mine and Soph's relationship. It's all based on things about us."

'Night Changes' was inspired by a fight

Jamie Scott, one of One Direction's song writers, revealed that "One of the songs on the record came from myself falling out with [Julian] Bunetta and John Ryan. One night, I came down to the studio, and three songs that I thought were sounding amazing when I left had been changed drastically through the night."

Zayn Malik's songs didn't make it in 'Four'

Malik was reportedly upset when the three songs he composed didn't make it into the final cut of the album.

The boys got into a big argument while composing a song

One of the tracks in "Four" heated up a debate among One Direction members. Payne said that it was over one word. In a separate article from J-14, he revealed, "Honestly, when I was in the studio with some of our boys, it just exploded into this massive four-part row with everybody."

"Me and Louis [Tomlinson] were just sat there, then we started joining in as well! It was over one word...'it' or 'you'," the singer added. But thankfully, the fight was resolved quite well, J-14 noted.

"You just get over it afterwards, it's like anything...you just leave it on the court afterwards and it's fine," Liam concluded in the report.

Release date and official tracklist

"Four" will be officially released in markets on November 17. To pre-order the album, visit iTunes. For the official tracklist, see below.

According to One Direction's website, the "Four" standard CD album is priced at $17.99 each, with the 12" double vinyl at $30.99. The pre-orders of the CD formats will also come with an exclusive One Direction wristband.

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