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MacBook Air Retina Release Date, Specs & Features: Ultra Thin Laptop Out 2015 [Rumors]

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The next generation MacBook Air, rumored to have Retina display, will allegedly be out in 2015, rumors suggest.

The laptop was speculated to be out with a higher resolution display this year but instead, Apple rolled out the ultra-portable notebook computers with faster processors last April 29. Although the current generation MacBook Air has upgraded processors, it has a cheaper price tag.

The 128GB 11-inch MacBook Air costs $899 while the 256GB unit costs $1,099. The 13-inch MacBook Air is priced at $999 and $1,199 for the 128GB and the 256GB models respectively.

So why did Apple go for an upgrade under the hood instead of the much-anticipated Retina display? After all, the MacBook Pro already comes with Retina display and the iMac boasts of 5K.

Engadget said that Apple is not willing to sacrifice battery life, portability and speed in exchange for the higher resolution display.

"Apple likely doesn't want to take a big step backward in [battery life] longevity just for the sake of a Retina display, and it may only complicate things if there's a new form factor (such as a rumored 12-inch screen) or additional performance demands," Engadget explained in the report.

In addition, the right chips for the MacBook Air Retina aren't out yet, remarked Engadget. "The Broadwell-based chips that make the most sense for a Retina MacBook Air, the low-voltage U models, aren't likely to show until early 2015 ..." it said.

The Broadwell-based chips seem to be the center of all rumors surrounding the MacBook Air Retina as it is also the reason why the upcoming laptop is dubbed "ultra thin." As noted by KPopStarz, the said Broadwell-based chips allow for a fanless design which would make the laptop thinner than usual.

Although rumors are pointing to a 2015 release date for the MacBook Air with Retina display, BGR reported that Taiwan's Industrial and Commercial times are hinting on a late 2014 launch.

"Apparently, Intel managed to already ship a 'Broadwell' Core M batch of chips to Apple - the kind of new energy-efficient processors that will make possible laptop designs without internal fans for heat dissipation - thus making a 2014 launch possible ..." BGR said in the report.

It can be recalled that new Core M chips were reportedly released a couple of months ago, MacRumors said in a Nov.1 report.

"These chips are designed to run at just 4.5 watts and are intended for next-generation fanless PCs and tablets, fitting perfectly with circulating rumors of a thinner, fanless 12-inch MacBook Air, potentially with a Retina display," MacRumors noted.

Is Apple truly testing new chips for a MacBook Air Retina? And if yes, will the tech giant release the ultra thin laptop in time for the holidays?

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