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LA Lakers Roster, News, Schedule & Rumors: Ed Davis to Charles Barkley - 'Your Fat A$$ Can Eat Now'

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After the first win of the Los Angeles Lakers, player Ed Davis told former NBA star and now TV analyst, Charles Barkley, that his "fat a$$ can eat now."

Barkley promised to stop his food intake until the Lakers win a game in the season. So when the Lakers defeated the Charlotte Hornets on Sunday night with a 107-92 victory, Davis posted on his Twitter page to remind Barkley that his fasting is no longer necessary.

"Charles your fat a$ can eat now," the Lakers player posted.

Meanwhile, teammate Jeremy Lin also had something to say on his Twitter page about Barkley's self-imposed challenge.

"FINALLY!! #ChuckCanEat," Lin posted.

According to a Sports Illustrated report, Barkley repeatedly uttered his comments on the Thursday episode of "Inside the NBA" since the Lakers lost the first five games of the season.

"I'm not going to eat again until the Lakers win a game. I'm telling you, I'm not gonna eat another meal until the Lakers win a game. ... I'm going to be like I'm at Guantanamo Bay. I am not going to eat until the Lakers win a game. I'm going to drink water ... [and] vodka. I've got to have my carbs and protein," he said.

Good things the Lakers did not disappoint Barkley in his endeavor and he can already enjoy the food he wants. Kobe Bryant led the team's win with 21 points, 6 rebounds and four assists while Lin had 21 points, 7 assists and 3 rebounds, Yahoo Sports said in a report.

Coach Byron Scott noted that his players were all quiet inside the locker room after the win. "They were all pretty quiet. What I said was, 'OK, that's one.' [...] Mentally, it gives us the vision that we can win."

Yahoo Sports explained that rest also helped Bryant's team give their all on the recent game.

"Just get a damn win. You can't listen to what everybody says. You can't listen to people. You've got to be stubborn as a mule. You've got to keep chipping away.

"Got to keep competing and going after it, and this thing will turn around. Just as easily as we lost five in a row, we can turn around and win five in a row," Bryant was quoted by ESPN as saying.

The Laker star player also said that they are now trying to "focus on the process." Scott, on the other hand, said that there's already a "good vibe" on the team.

"Our guys understand that it's the start of the season and not the end," Scott added, and said that they will strive to make their defense and communication better.

The Lakers are set to face the Memphis Grizzlies tomorrow at the FedExForum in Memphis, Tennessee.

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