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'PES 2015' Demo, Release Date on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Xbox 360 & PS3: vs 'FIFA 15' Graphics, Gameplay, Faces

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Gamers are arguing whether "Pro Evolution Sport (PES) 2015" or "FIFA 15" will provide better worth for their buck this year, and reviewers are saying all the debate is worth it.

"It's the same question every year," agrees Gamespot. And while the past years were dominated by "FIFA", prompting "PES" loyalists to switch camps, the site said that the question is worth asking.

"'PES 2015' is not only the best game the series has delivered for many years, it promotes and prioritizes a form of football that is, welcomingly, very different to that of 'FIFA 15' — and variety across games is never a bad thing," the report explained.

It explained that "PES" gameplay would be about tactics while "FIFA 15" boasts the fast lane. "PES" would encourage knowledge about formations and on-field distribution, whereas the other is about bursting action.

"Pro Evolution Soccer" has always been known for the cerebral aspect, Movie Pilot said, noting that the need for stock knowledge was usually its waterloo when it came to sales.

However, "PES 2015" might be the turnaround — It "may just be the game that Konami has been waiting for," the report said succinctly. Although it may not beat "FIFA" in sales this year, Movie Plot says it's on its way.

According to the report, the battle began with the "PES" franchise on top of the leader board, then it started losing to "FIFA" because of EA's ability to sell its titles and Konami's lack of mastery with the PlayStation and Xbox hardwares.

"PES" European Product Manager Adam Bhatti says the game now has a good grip on the Xbox One and PS4, "PES 2015's" Best Sports Game award at Gamescom being a clear sign of its upsurge.

Bhatti attributes the potential success on the establishment of a development team in the United Kingdom, ultimately giving the game a "European feel."

The team has also improved on the facial details of the players, making them instantly recognizable, the report said. The characters were hand-drawn, sparking debates on which of the rivals's renderings are more realistic

"FIFA's" Ultimate Team mode now has a rival in "PES 2015's" MyClub, "with Bhatti insisting that both local and Web play will be indistinguishable from one another in terms of pace and responsiveness," Movie Pilot said.

The Master League was retained, although Games Radar thinks it needs an overhaul, for being "outdated and illogical." It also noted the graphics, which might lose out to "FIFA 15." 

According to Eurogamer, "PES 2015" would be this year's winner, after almost a whole generation's domination by "FIFA."

"The latter's constant need for the spectacular is overpowered by a formula which rewards the subtle tweaks and tactical variation which fuels the real-life sport," it said. "'PES 2015' actually benefits from arriving two months later than its adversary, which has displayed its weaknesses over extended play since release."

"PES 2015" will be available Nov. 13, for PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Xbox One and PC, per Metro. Meanwhile, "FIFA 15" was out on Sept. 23.

Judge the games yourself here.

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