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iPhone 6S Release Date & Rumors: 3D Display for Next iPhone? No Glasses Needed [Rumors]

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The iPhone 6S could give users 3D experience without the need for glasses.

Economic Daily News reported, via MacRumors, that Apple is developing a 3D "hardware and software ecosystem" and a "naked eye 3D screen." The Cupertino-based tech giant is also reportedly looking to partner with TPK to make the next generation iPhone.

9to5Mac explains that the alleged partnership between Apple and TPK is mainly because the iPhone's "current in-cell display technology" will not be compatible with the alleged 3D display on the next generation iPhone.

Though an iPhone with 3D technology seems enticing, 9to5Mac notes that it isn't a first.

"Android manufacturers have attempted to implement similar features. The most recent example being Amazon's Fire Phone that includes 3D interface elements with gesture-based controls," reported the outlet.

Business Insider said that Apple has bought a 3D technology-focused company. "It acquired PrimeSense last November, which created the 3D motion-sensing technology behind Microsoft's Kinect accessory for Xbox, but had also been working on 3D solutions for other industries, including retail, health care, robotics, and even interactive displays for PC and mobile," the report detailed.

Patent-wise, MacRumors said that the iPhone-maker "applied for a patent regarding glasses-free 3D stereoscopic displays over six years ago." In addition, Apple also "applied for a patent regarding 3D "Hyper Reality" displays that proposed to change the perspective of objects on a screen in relation to the movement of the user's head, combining software and hardware to achieve the effect."

Still, news of the next iPhone sporting a 3D display is not official so all of these should be regarded as mere speculations -- at least as of now.

The next generation iPhone could be out as early as 2015, as we previously reported. However, rumor mills are tipping different names for the next iPhone -- namely iPhone 6S, iPhone 7 and iPhone Air. iPhone 6S remains to be the favorite, it seems, as fans seem to favor Apple's "S" naming convention.

One of the rumored specs and features of the upcoming iPhone 6S, as noted in our previous report, is a sapphire display screen. It isn't clear, however, how rumors of the costly screen fit with the alleged 3D technology.

A sidewall display screen, much like the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, is also rumored for the next generation iPhone, we said earlier. Should a 3D display be in the works on top of this speculated side-screen, the iPhone 6S will definitely kill it as far as display is concerned.

The iPhone 6S will also allegedly be housed in a chassis made through liquid metal technology. A new charger could also be rolled out with the new iPhone.

Are these rumors enough to excite you for the iPhone 6S? Comment below.      

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