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'Destiny 2' Confirmed; Game Sequel Coming Soon, Says Activision

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Released on Sept. 9, "Destiny" has claimed victory in terms of sales. IGN reported that the game turned out to be the largest among all other new franchises in history -- while becoming part of the top ten video game launches of all time.

Such remarkable feat has been noted on Activision's Q3 2014 record results. Apparently, the game has generated revenue worth $500 million. IGN mentioned in another report that the franchise has sold $325 million worldwide in the first five days of its release.

This might explain why the franchise is confirmed to get a sequel, although the title has been temporarily dubbed as "Destiny 2." According to Gamespot, Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg has revealed that the next "full game" is being cooked.

"Work has also begun on future expansion packs, as well as on our next full game release," Hirshberg shared about the future of "Destiny." CVG added that the new game will come with additional DLC expansion content.

Gamespot cited the partnership between developer Bungie and publisher Activision to indicate that their 2012 contract prepared for multiple sequels. This means "Destiny 2" may not be the end of it all.

Following the release of "Destiny" in September, Bungie announced the franchise's performance in terms of interesting statistics derived from players. According to the post, the average gameplay session lasted about 3 hours on weekdays, while weekends get an extra hour.

At the time, Bungie recorded that the game was played 100 million hours, comparing it to "The Lord of The Rings" trilogy, which must be watched 8,797,653 times. By now, the figures may have doubled or tripled, something that can be confirmed when we hear another statement from the publisher.

Currently, "Destiny" claims to have 9.5 million registered players. CVG took note of the game's first DLC expansion titled "The Dark Below," slated to launch on Dec. 9.The "House of Wolves" is reported to follow. The outlet pointed that both are included in a Destiny Expansion Pass.

"The Dark Below" will include a new array of weapons, armors, gears, Exotic and Legendary items, wrote PlayStation. Gamers will get to see three new competitive multiplayer arenas: Pantheon, Skyshock and The Cauldron. New hive story missions and quests which eventually lead to battle are expected to arrive in the expansion.

"Destiny" chronicles the story of a Traveler, who has graced Earth, Venus and Mars in a so-called Golden Age. However, an ancient enemy of the Traveler prevented the flourishing era from lasting. While Humans, Exos and Awoken live in their darkest days, they saw the Traveler "silent and immobile." From there, the City was built and Guardians came to existence.

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