Updated 08:42 PM EDT, Thu, Oct 21, 2021

iPhone 6 Problems: 6 Plus Crashes, iOS 8 Bugs Plague Users

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The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have been around for nearly a month, and users are aware of the imperfections the devices carry with them. Operating under Apple's iOS 8, the flagship received criticism shortly after their September releases with "Bendgate," "Hairgate" and the usual iOS-related bugs.

iOS updates could be the Cupertino-based company's way of addressing issues. According to Gotta Be Mobile, three iOS 8 updates were already released -- the latest of which is iOS 8.1, poised at clearing up the mess unwanted by users in its predecessors.

Let's take a look at the problems experienced by users so far.

Slow Wi-Fi & Faulty Signal

Digital Trends reported that many people suffered Wi-Fi problems upon updating to iOS 8. While the signal appeared to be strong, internet connection remained sluggish -- causing videos to buffer slowly and websites load like a tired turtle. In Safari, the outlet mentioned receiving a message prompt which reads, "the server has stopped responding."

The Hackable Touch ID

This problem could be really serious as user privacy is placed at risk. Tom's Guide wrote how hackers delighted when Touch ID came in iPhone 5s. Apparently, the system was easy to manipulate.

Using fingerprint powder, fingerprint tape, laser printer and glue, the source noted that successful German hackers were able to bypass the fingerprint locking system. Worse, it was reported that the same problem remains in the iPhone 6.

Substandard Durability

Reportedly, the iPhone 6 is not as strong as its predecessors. ValueWalk cited claims that the surface of the device is easily damaged by "cuts, scrapes and nicks." The outlet mentioned users suggesting that the silver model can best retain the handset's original appearance.

Apple has been known for the sleek, premium design of its metal iPhones -- a reputation not very ideal to be put down only by a few scratches.

Crashing, Freezing & Random Rebooting

iPhone 6 Plus users were reported by International Business Times to experience frequent crashing and freezing. Random rebooting also occurred, often with the model's 128 GB version. This could be an unfortunate situation especially if the user is in a hurry.

The cause of such anomalies remains to be unconfirmed at present, although the outlet cited a report from BusinessKorea -- which suggested that a faulty component interacting with the flash storage may be a possible culprit.

Out of Power

Gotta Be Mobile wrote in another article that battery drain is typical among iOS updates. While this may seem normal, users were reported to consistently complain about it. We'll see if the issue persists or becomes resolved in the upcoming iOS updates.

Meanwhile, CNET reported that Apple has launched the iOS 8.1.1 beta on Monday. The update is expected to fix bugs and improve performance in general.

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