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'PES 2015' Demo, Release Date on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Xbox 360 & PS3: Trailer Shows Off Modes

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If you're excited to get your hands on the Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 — known shortly as PES 2015 — its new trailer would inevitably entice you to queue when it hits stores Nov. 13.

Konami released a new trailer offering a sneak peek into the game modes on the video game, Attack of the Fanboy reported. The modes include the classic mode and a bunch of options that will debut in this edition.

According to the Franchise Herald, the demo somehow helps players and critics compare PES 2015 with its major rival, FIFA 15.

Check out the trailer:


Attack of the Fanboy explained that the myClub mode is undeniably the treasure trove for the 2015 entry, seemingly taking the lion's share of the efforts and matter-of-factly involving real-life currency.

The online mode overhauls the features on Master League Online, using agents to recruit people to your team, and building a squad based on real-life managers and booters, it said. Being Cloud-based, the feature can hook you up for matches with friends and other gamers from around the world.

Softonic said the mode is PES 2015's response to its rival's Ultimate Team. The likeness is also observed by Peter Parrish of INC Gamers, who said: "As someone who's more familiar with FIFA than PES these days, it looks awfully like a version of Ultimate Team. But then maybe Ultimate Team 'borrowed' from Master League Online in the first place; I really have no idea."

According to the Franchise Herald, based on the trailer, PES 2015 could edge out FIFA 15. The national teams are relatively the same, but PES 2015 gets the upper hand for including UEFA's Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia, for example, and for making more AFC players, like Iran, Iraq, North and South Korea, to name a few, available.

The features are also ambitious, with Attack of the Fanboy explaining that some features are out to reshape the gaming experience. It cited the live update capability which shows you the team and team members' statistics.

Softtonic explained that the live update also shows "tactics and transfers based on what's happening in the real world." With players becoming better at the game with more experience, PES 2015 enables a player to loan out some players to, as in the real deal, get exposure.

The Coach Mode gives you free reign on your team, Attack of the Fanboy said, and the settings options now include modifications on home stadiums. The game, Softonic also reported, has UEFA Cup competition and promotions, among others.

One of the only major differences that could affect the virtual football skirmish, the Franchise Herald noted, is the breadth of the possible market — both are available for PlayStation3, PlayStation4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows, but in September, the latter was made available to Nintendo 3DS, Wii, PlayStation Vita, iOS, Windows Phone and Android.

Like many reports would say, however, you can never tell much on that unless you're already playing the game.

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