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PlayStation Plus Free Games List November 2014: PS4, PS3, PS Vita Titles Revealed; $275 for New Sony Console

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GameStop will be offering a limited edition PS4 trade-in for Halloween. According to Yell! Magazine, the store will be granting a $125 PS4 credit in exchange for your old PS3 or Xbox 360.

But wait -- that old console must meet specific storage capacities. The PS3 should house at least 20 GB, while the Xbox 360 should start at 250 GB.

The official promo graphic announced that the offer runs from Oct. 27 to Nov. 9 only -- that's about 2 weeks -- limited, indeed. Learn how to trade-in here.

Meanwhile, free games are coming right for PlayStation Plus members this November. Gamespot cited these games for the PS Vita, PS3 and PS4.

Ready your PS Vita for "The Hungry Horde," which IGN described as a game dominated by zombies -- perfect for the Halloween. Here, zombies are protagonists, increasing in number every time a human gets bitten.

Of course, the unfortunate human becomes one of your Horde. The challenge? Defeat the government who will continually persecute your flock: bite as much as you can!

Another game in the PS Vita is "Escape Plan." According to Metacritic, players get to "dice with death" in a game of survival. It is the player's duty to help Lil and Laarg get through a dangerous labyrinth, distracting enemies aside.

Plus PS3 owners will access "Frozen Synapse Prime," where players take multiple games at the same time. According to gamershell.com, it is a strategy game that also allows a single player to become a tactician, saving the city from evil dystopia.

"Luftrausers" will also come free for PS3 Plus members. A crossbreed of arcade, strategy, simulation and action, the aerial fighting game is described by PlayStation to own over 125 combinations of "weapons, bodies and propulsion systems."

Forbes mentioned in an earlier review that the game basically makes use of a "Rauser," an experimental plane that is intended to avoid clouds above and oceans below. Repair automatically takes place once the Rauser is prevented to fire and avoid enemy attacks, which happen in about a few seconds.

Of course, PS4 gamers are also in for a treat, in the form of "SteamWorld Dig." Steam wrote that layers get to take the role of Rusty, a steambot bound for mining adventures. Hoarding treasures and riches is a must-skill for this game. While it could be very addicting, note that a certain "ancient threat" actually lurks below!

Finally, PS4 Plus can also access "The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth," a remake of the 2011 "The Binding of Isaac." According to LoadTheGame, new features -- particularly a new chapter and ending -- are available.

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